Case Study

eBook: Exposing the Enemy Within

BlueCat Networks is a business to business software company specializing in enterprise network management and cybersecurity DNS solutions. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, BlueCat operates in 17 countries and serves over 1100 customers worldwide.

The Challenge

All of BlueCat’s existing collateral consisted of whitepapers, and data-sheets that were very dry and technical and had limited appeal except to hard-core techy types.  BlueCat was looking for something that would have broader appeal and could be used as a top-of-the-funnel asset in an upcoming campaign.  What was needed was something that was more easily digestible, while still being “meaty” enough for the generally techy audience.

My Role

Art direction and prodution working with a copywriter.

The Solution

We decided on an eBook format with a lot more eye catching imagery that did not include pictures of servers, charts, and engineers.  The cover needed a strong image that grabbed attention.

The eBook was about detecting hackers and threats on a network by analyzing dns logs, so I came up with the idea of using dns-code to buildup an image to imply something ‘inside’ the data that was spying on the network.  The initial image direction was a little too obvious and a very overplayed.

Instead, I decided to build an original image from scratch. I started with a suitable image of a close-up eye. I then generated a list of IPV4 and IPV6 IP addresses, and painstakingly added them into PhotoShop one-by-one into hundres of layers and built them up to create a suitable image mask.

For the rest of the layout I used ample white-space and large full-page images that suggested sifting through large amounts of data and getting a birds eye view of all areas of a business.

Sifting through data
There's Gold in your DNS data
The Power of Visibility
The Enemy Within Cover
The Enemy Within Inner Page
The Enemy Within Inner Page
The Enemy Within Inner Page
The Enemy Within - SIEM Tools
The Enemy Within - The Power of Visibility
The Enemy Within Back Cover

The Results

Popular Download

The eBook has been downloaded over 3000 times.

Top Viewed

The eBook remains the most viewed piece of collateral on the BlueCat Website.

Great Conversion

To date, the eBook has a conversion rate of 8.6%.